Making Payroll & Bookkeeping Easy!

Pineapple Payroll is an innovative payroll & bookkeeping system that allows you to automate
payroll & bookkeeping tasks while giving you more time to focus on big-picture tasks for your
business. If you are looking to optimise efficiency, accuracy, and automation within your
accounting processes, then Pineapple Payroll is the perfect solution for you!
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How We Can Help

The Pineapple Payroll team is passionate about helping you streamline accounting tasks. Here are just some of the areas that we can help your business achieve more…


Register a UK Limited Company from £20 + VAT. You can expect your company to be up and running within 3 working days!





Submit a simple Tax Return

Complete our user friendly, yet comprehensive questionnaire and we will prepare your tax return on your behalf. This service is aimed primarily at small businesses and Landlords.



Register with HMRC

If you need to tell HMRC that you you wish to register as:

  • Self employed
  • A CIS contractor/subcontractor
  • A VAT registered business
  • An employer

But would rather avoid navigating HMRC’s notoriously obtuse website, fill out the form below and let us sort it out for you.

Our Mission & Vision

We are ready to help you succeed.

Any business owner knows that having robust accounting and bookkeeping infrastructure is one of the most important parts of operating a business. Organised accounting practices allow you to make informed business decisions.

With Pineapple Payroll, you’ll have the power of a top-notch accounting firm at your fingertips without needing the resources of a large company. It’s time to operate like the pros and use Pineapple Payroll for your business accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Latest Announcement

Furlough scheme extended till 31st March 2021

Enlightened Automated Accounting Solutions

There’s a misconception that accounting is too complicated for the average business owner to tackle. Those that subscribe to this mentality will often fall prey to expensive accounting firms and solutions that don’t actually address their needs. Pineapple Payroll is the nail in the coffin for overpriced accounting services, half-baked technology solutions, and confusing do-it-yourself programs. With the right mix of user-friendly intuitiveness and modern, automated features, Pineapple Payroll will truly optimise your business and make it a pleasure to run your business.  

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How We Can Help You


Payroll / HR
We offer a variety of payroll & HR services, covering:

  • Payroll service from £1.25 per payslip
  • Staff Holiday Tracker
  • Auto enrolments pensions compliance
  • Employment contracts
  • Comprehensive range of resources for employers (employee handbook, maternity forms etc.)


Company Secretarial
To support your company, we offer:

  • Limited Company Formation for just £25 + VAT
  • Confirmation Statement filing
  • Dividend certificates
  • We can draft business contracts and T&C’s as required.

Book Keeping & CIS
To support your company, we offer:

  • Discounted cloud software packages
  • Ongoing book keeping service with routine management reports and performance indicators for your business
  • Discounted Ltd Company Accounts and tax return service for Pineapple clients
  • Subcontractor statements
  • CIS returns
  • CIS rebate applications

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